Among the vehicles offered by East One Cars Services include the following: Minibuses, Vans, Saloon, Executive, and MPV vehicles. You can reserve a 4, 5, 6, 8, or 15-passenger vehicle to just about any destination. Furthermore, you can choose the type of vehicle that will provide you the amount of luggage storage space that you need.
We make sure that your ride is comfortable and safe, and we hire only the best drivers. Likewise, we also ensure that you arrive at your desired destination on time even during holidays and other special occasions.
Furthermore, we also keep you informed. If your flight is early or late we will alert you and adjust our schedule accordingly. If you have children, we make sure they arrive to and from a destination as well.
Each vehicle is equipped with safety features such as air bags, anti-lock brakes, and GPS tracking services. Furthermore, you can enjoy your ride with a variety of comfort and conveniences such as power windows, plush seats, and drink trays.
We can easily help you plan an itinerary in case you want to tour several local attractions. In fact, the GPS tracking devices installed in our vehicles will very quickly help drivers locate any address, street, or city where you plan to visit.
Furthermore, we offer transport from the Anywhere in London to airports, to any hotel, bed and breakfast, or tourist attraction. Round trip and one-way service is available every single day of the year.
Our professional customer service staff stands by 24 hours a day 7 days a week in case you need assistance. Your call to us is answered immediately, and our phone technology helps us provide a rapid response to all your urgent requests.
Furthermore, all of our customer service representatives are friendly and compassionate. For that reason, our customers keep returning to us. We strive to provide the highest level of personal assistance to everyone who uses your Services.
We send out more than enough vehicles to accommodate anyone who turns to use for transport needs. Moreover, we offer service to nearly any place inside or outside the London.
Whether you are away on a business trip or you are taking a family Trip you can use your services. We cater to all kinds of business people and companies as well as their families.
Using our services, you will be able to tour places such as Westend, which is most known for its respectable and sightseeing in London.