All our drivers undertake training on customer services every three months, which equips them with the knowledge to provide unsurpassed quality services. Our ethos is to always ensure the customer leaves the car happy, and this means regular feedback is obtained from customers and used to evolve our services. Our drivers are also trained in handling special needs customers.

Our drivers are required to maintain vehicles to immaculate standards. All our drivers wear formal clothing to ensure everyone gets a professional service.

Kris Black

Kris has 16 years experience cabbing and started his career in London. He moved to Herts in 2000 and has been with Arena since their early years. One of their most well known cabbies, he loves the area and the friends he has made over the years.

Kris Black

Jeevan Singh

Cabbing is my life, its all I have done since I was 16. I look forward to meeting my old clients and new ones as well

Kris Black

“Our customers rate our services”

“Our drivers are expected to be in the top 85% in all aspects of measured data”, says the Operations Manager at East One Cars, “and this is a very high benchmark to asprire to as customers have to score between 4 and 5 stars on each category (very good to excellent) based on their experiences. We set stringent measures to ensure we can be the best at what we do, and to ensure our customers are given the best service in every possible way”.