THE President of the International Association of Transportation Regulators says London’s taxi services need to reform, or risk being left behind other world cities.
New York City’s Matthew Daus told the London Assembly Transport Committee that change is essential to meet the growing needs of passengers.He pointed out that some of the laws governing the industry date back hundreds of years.
The Transport Committee has embarked on a timely investigation into taxi and private hire services in the Capital. Recent research by Transport for London suggests that overall satisfaction with taxi services amongst
Londoners is decreasing. Caroline Pidgeon AM, Chair of the Transport Committee (pictured) said: “The Black Cab is an iconic London brand but other players have entered the market and this raises issues.
“Tension between TfL and the taxi and private hire trades has increased significantly and there are a number of concerns relating to how TfL regulates the industries, including allegations of misconduct around the licensing of Uber.
“Our investigation aims to get to the bottom of some of the problems, so that the taxi service of the future meets the needs of both passengers and drivers.”
The meeting also examined the benefits and pitfalls of new technology, capturing public feedback to develop future services, views on whether pedicabs should be integrated into the public transport system and whether changes are needed to improve the accessibility of taxi and private hire services for disabled people.